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The Danielle Mitterrand French School in Erbil is a school with large premises allowing students to work in a spacious environment, equipped with teaching tools that are constantly renewed and in full expansion in terms of numbers.
From nursery to high school, our school welcomes students of nearly 20 different nationalities. French programs are taught in a very international context. From kindergarten, a multilingual curriculum is offered to students with daily English classes, in addition to all French classes.

Once again this year, the school is committed to the success of all students, with the goal of obtaining the French Baccalaureate, an internationally recognised diploma.
Our pedagogical and educational project is to encourage the development of each student, within a framework of high standards, trust, listening, tolerance and respect.

The ambition, the pleasure of learning, the cultural openness, the sense of rigour and the development of the student are the main missions that the teaching team gives itself each year when welcoming new students.
In addition, in order to better accompany the students in their growth, the French school offers beginners courses of French in partnership with the French Institute of Erbil but also, for all, courses of assistance to the homework given by the teachers of the school.

Our school, approved by the AEFE (Agence des Ecole Française de l'Etranger), is also part of the rich network of the MLF, (Mission Laïque Française). This offers students the opportunity to participate in international projects and to feel that they are part of an international network that gives meaning to their learning. It also allows teachers to benefit from regular training and important pedagogical support.


By choosing our school, approved by the French Ministry of Education and KRG, you are opting for a quality education, in accordance with the programs and methods of the French educational system. 

Our school welcomes nearly 20 different nationalities in a setting where multilingualism and multiculturalism are honoured. Indeed, all classes are in French but English is also taught since kindergarten, making our student perfectly bilingual in both languages. Arabic, Spanish and Kurdish are also taught, allowing our students a great cultural openness. Choosing The French school of Erbil is choosing excellence, as our reputation says it.

Being a French School in Kurdistan, moreover in the name of Danielle Mitterrand "the mother of the Kurds" as she used to be called, is an open door to the world and to others, beyond the powerful historical aspect that it represents.


Danielle Mitterrand


Why choosing the
French Educational System?

Beyond being a beautiful communication tool, French is a way of seing things, a way of teaching, and a whole philosophy.

It is a way of discovering and understanding the world, with kindness and intelligence, which is our priority.

Thus, our pedagogy aims to accompany future citizens who are aware of the world in which they grow up, who are fulfilled and ambitious, actors of tomorrow's world. Our students learn to think by themselves, rather than simply learning and following without understanding things.

We are building the best basis possible for them to become leaders in their future. Since 2009, the French School has continued to grow and develop, allowing our graduates each year to study in France or anywhere in the world once they have obtained their diploma.



Image by Patty Brito
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